Cangeroes’ selection is almost over انتهى

Cangeroes heeft selectie bijna rond

UTRECHT – Utrecht Kanjerio has almost completed the Women’s Basketball League team. Coach Ramon Kuipers wants to continue with much of the selection.

You must ensure that another real step is taken next season. Kuipers: “The ambition is still there. We have to make sure that we as Utrecht Kanguerio are structurally involved in the so-called left row and don’t continue to fight at the bottom. We say goodbye to a few players because they’ve gone abroad or studied. From the club itself and that’s great, of course. It is very good to see that we have ambition and quality in our women’s line. And more in the years to come.”

At the same time, Kuipers points out, it’s hard to grow on tight budgets. To become more attractive for more experienced players to come to Utrecht. “While we already have things in order these days.” Selection is almost complete.

Choosing Utrecht Cangeroes

Irate Beltran Hernandez (Goalkeeper)
Charlotte Nose (goalkeeper)
San Funk (keeper)
Lisa Van Daalsom (Goalkeeper)
Lisa Stover (goalkeeper/forward)
Josefian Cornelissen (goalkeeper/forward)
CSKA Colin (forward/midfield)
Renee Hofling (forward/midfield)
Lea Romex (Middle)
Melissa T-Jung (Midfielder)

Ross Hof, Anna van Daalsom and Henny van Schaik will not play for the Cangeroes next year. They will live and work in Bali respectively, study and play in the United States.

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