Bankruptcy of Miss Eitam and Khatib | Financial issues

Bankruptcy of Miss Eitam and Khatib |  Financial issues

Last week, the owner of NXT Fashion requested that payment to the distribution center and joint service center which has a total of 116 employees be deferred, because the new shutdown had lost all sales and the payment obligations could no longer be fulfilled.

‘Sad news’

NXT Fashion talks about ‘Sad News’. According to the company, bankruptcy has become inevitable because business units do not appear to be eligible for NOW3’s support scheme due to a recent restart. The bankruptcy petition says: “The administrator and management consider it unlikely that NOW3’s plan will be resumed.”

The stores continue

On behalf of NXT Fashion, a spokesperson announced that Miss Etam and Steps store components will continue as normal. According to him, he is switching to a new business model for buying clothes. This is also possible without the distribution center and central service office. The supply of goods will be handled by an outside logistical party. All 365 employees of the NXT Fashion store were paid in the December before Christmas, according to a statement.

NXT Fashion is owned by investor and entrepreneur Martijn Rozenboom. At the end of August, he took over as Miss Itam, Claudia Strater, Expresso and Steps from the bankrupt Dutch branch of FNG. Claudia Strater and Expresso were resold to the Van Uffelen Group.

The AVV Syndicate has been complaining about Rosenbaum’s “company doctor” for some time. According to the AVV, he ignores some conventions as well as the law in reorganizing Miss Etam and Steps.

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