Arrest of a man with a knife at Weigelia Leidschendam in Westfield Mall in the Netherlands

Leidschend – On the afternoon of Wednesday, 12 May, police received a report from a man carrying a knife at Westfield Mall, Netherlands, in Weigelia, Leidschendam. Several police units were alerted immediately, and police dog trainers also arrived at the scene urgently.

The officers immediately searched the shopping center for the man with the knife, who turned out to be in a store in the shopping center.

A negotiator from the arrest team arrived at the scene urgently, and a vehicle from the Special Interventions Rapid Response Team also arrived at the scene. An ambulance was also on standby. Because police cars were stationed on the tramway, Line 19 was blocked in both directions.

Police officers and security guards had already evacuated a large portion of the shopping center. Police, wearing bulletproof vests, and dog handlers lined up at the store as a negotiator tried to contact the suspect. After a long time, the police decided to intervene, after which the man was arrested without much panic.

Finally, the suspect was placed on a stretcher and taken to a police-supervised care center. No one was injured at work.

Photos: Thijmen Hidding

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