After soaking wet days, summer temperatures begin تبدأ

After soaking wet days, summer temperatures begin تبدأ
Vacation at Ter Spegelt Campground, where summer weather changes quickly.Photo by Rene Manders / DCI Media

It will flow mainly across the borders in Germany and Belgium – the Ardennes and the northern edge of the Eiffel River – but Limburg is not spared from this. More than 50 mm of rain is expected locally from tomorrow through Wednesday morning. Weerplaza warns that traffic and outdoor activities can be disrupted, and local flooding can also occur. “It’s not really cold these days, but the heat is also food for the occasional heavy rain formation. Especially in the eastern Benelux, in parts of Germany and Switzerland, there can be significant splashes of rain until Friday,” says meteorologist Alfred Snox. .

The rain is drifting away

But the weather has changed on the way. “While it is still raining in parts of the Netherlands on Wednesday and Thursday, an area of ​​high pressure is starting to form in western Ireland. The system will expand very slowly to the southern North Sea and as a result the shower will gradually push to the east,” Snox explains.

The result: Friday and Saturday are “just like them dry” at 20 degrees with little to no sun. “From Sunday, according to further calculations, the center of gravity for the high pressure region will be north of our country. If the calculations come true, the wind will look for the east corner. With a lot of sunshine, the temperature can easily rise to 25 degrees in summer, he says. Snox “Very good prospects for vacationers back home, but we’ll have to be patient for a few more days.”

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