India test fire Agni 5 ballistic missile

India successfully carried out the test firing of the long range ballistic missile Agni 5 today from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island (Wheeler Island).

This was for the sixth time the missile was tested successfully, which have a strike range of more than 5000 km.

The 17 m long, 2 m wide Agni 5 weighs 50 tonne and can carry a 1,500 kg nuclear or conventional weapon payload.

All the Radars, Electro Optical Tracking Stations and Telemetry Stations tracked the vehicle all through the course of the trajectory. All the mission objectives have been achieved.

The missile was launched from a hermetically sealed canister designed to prolong the shelf life of the missiles.

The missile is cold launched, meaning the missile is expelled by gas produced by a gas generator which is not part of the missile itself, and then the missile ignites itself.

Interestingly the missile featured a new livery indicating series production for introduction into Indian Armed Forces.