Electric Magnus eFusion prototype crashes in Hungary

A prototype of Magnus eFusion electric powered aircraft crashed on 31 May in Hungary, killing the pilot and passenger onboard.

The two seat light sport aircraft was on a test flight when it crashed into a corn field. The aircraft was equipped with a ballistic recovery parachute system.

The eFusion was developed by the Hungarian Magnus Aircraft in collaboration with German Siemens and is based on the piston engine powered Magnus Fusion.

The maiden flight of the aircraft was completed at the Matkópuszta airfield in Kecskemet, Hungary, in April 2016.

The aircraft is powered by a 60kW Siemens electric drive system. The electric propulsion system including motor and batteries were designed by Hungarian subsidiary of Siemens and Siemens headquarters in Germany.

The aircraft is entirely battery-powered and has an endurance of approximately one hour. The aircraft has an empty weight of 410 kg and a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg.