China developing Y-20F commercial transport plane

China is developing a commercial cargo transport aircraft based on the AVIC Y-20 strategic military transport plane.

The Aviation Industry Corp of China is developing the aircraft designated Y-20F-100, featuring re-designed fuselage to increase cargo hold and onboard crane for cargo handling.

The Y-20F-100 will be longer than the Y-20 and can carry 28 airfreight containers, or 65 metric tons of cargo with a maximum flight range of 8,000 km.

The Y-20F will be powered by the under-development indigenous Shengyang WS-20 high bypass turbofan engine, replacing the aged Soviet era Soloviev D-30KP-2 turbofans on the Y-20.

A small-scale model of the Y-20F-100 was first displayed at the Zhuhai Air Show in 2014.

Development of the Y-20 started in 2007. It completed maiden flight in January 2013, and entered Chinese PLA Air Force service in 2016, with around 10 currently in service.

China is actively developing its commercial aerospace capabilities through various programs including the COMAC C919 single aisle passenger jet and the C929 wide body commercial airliner being jointly developed with Russia.

China has also inked agreement with Ukraine's Antonov to resurrect the second An-225 transport aircraft in phase one and start series production of the world's largest transport plane under license in the country.