China commence testing commercial CJ-1000AX turbofan engine

China has commenced testing its indigenous CJ-1000AX high bypass turbofan engine intended to power the in-development COMAC C919 single aisle passenger jet.

The engine is first indigenous Chinese commercial turbofan being developed in the country.

The assembly of the first demonstrator engine was completed in December 2017 after a 18-month process.

The engine will undergo an extensive ground and flight testing involving 24 units to validate technology and achieve certification for powering commercial flights from an ambitious 2021 schedule.

During the maiden power-on at Chinese manufacturer AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine's Shanghai Lingang test facility, the CJ-1000AX engine reached a core speed of 6600 rpm.

With a thrust of 98–196 kN (22,000–44,000 lbf), the CJ-1000AX is similar to the new generation CFM LEAP-1C engine that currently powers the COMAC C919.

The engine has diameter of 1.95 meters and a length of 3.29 meters and features advanced technologies like wide-chord fan blades made in hollow titanium and 3D printed combustor fuel nozzles.

The engine has a two-spool configuration, with a one-stage fan, three-stage booster, 10-stage high-pressure compressor, two-stage high-pressure turbine and six-stage low pressure turbine,

Turbofan engines are one of most guarded strategic technologies in the world, and the one China is lagging behind.