Greek Mirage 2000-5 crashes into Aegean Sea

A Greek Air Force Dassault Mirage 2000-5 fighter jet crashed in to the Aegean Sea on Thursday noon, local time, killing its only pilot.

The Mirage 2000-5 crashed 9 nautical miles North East of the Skyros island in the Aegean Sea, while attempting to land at the Skyros air base.

The single seat fighter was reportedly returning from a operational mission to intercept Turkish fighter jets.

Over the past couple of days, the Hellenic Air Force has intensified its patrol missions on the maritime border with Turkey following escalations in the relationship between Athens and Ankara.

Turkey refuted claims that its jets were in the region and the crash was following alleged dog fight with a Turkish fighter.

In January 2018, HAF lost an T-2E intermediate trainer jet after the aircraft lost its two engines successively mid air.