United Boeing 777 loses engine cowl over Pacific

A United Airlines Boeing 777 carried out an emergency landing at Honolulu after losing an engine cowl while flying over the Pacific.

The flight UA1175 was flying from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawai carrying around 370 people.

The incident happened approximately 30 minutes before its scheduled landing at the Honolulu.

The forward engine cowling of the left Pratt & Whitney P4000 ripped off with a loud bang, exposing the main engine fan and casing.

Failure of fan blades has been suspected to be cause for the incident, which resulted in rotational imbalance and vibration, that threw off the cowl.

A statement from United Airlines said the flight landed safely at 12.38pm local time, two minutes earlier than the scheduled landing time, completing the five hour flight successfully.

The Boeing 777-200 with registration N773UA was 23 years old and was one of the first of the type to enter service, having manufactured in Oct 1994.

It was the fourth 777 manufactured and was used by Boeing for ETOPS certification.