Sukhoi Superjet receive Saberlet wintip devices

Sukhoi has introduced wingtip devices on the Superjet 100 passenger jet, that improve overall performance of the 100 seat aircraft.

Called Saberlet by the company, the first Superjet installed with Saberlet took to skies on December 21, 2017 from Zhukovsky.

The configuration of Saberlet was a result of a set of computational studies, engineering and experimental works conducted by Sukhoi and Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor NE Zhukovsky (TsAGI).

The kit was manufactured by the Voronezh Joint-Stock Aircraft Building Society (VASO), and is available for retrofitting on operational Superjets.

The geometry of  the wintip, which is similar to that of the Boeing 787, was determined using innovative three-dimensional optimization methods based on numerical calculations of aerodynamics (CFD).
Sukhoi expects the Saberlet to simultaneously improving the takeoff and landing characteristics aswell as reducing fuel consumption by at least 3%, saving close to 0.1 million USD per aircraft per year.

The expected improvement in takeoff and landing characteristics will be appreciated by airlines operating SSJ100 on the regional network of aerodromes, as well as in hot climates and high mountains.