Chinese military plane crashes in Guizhou

A Chinese military plane has crashed during a training flight in Guizhou province in Southwest China.

The aircraft crashed on January 29 afternoon during a training exercise, Chinese PLA Air Force said in a statement.

Chinese officials have still not revealed the type of the aircraft crashed and the no of causalities.

There are no survivors in the crash, as the aircraft has been completely disintegrated following the ground impact and post crash fire.

But clues from wreckage indicate a PLA Air Force Y-8G SIGINT/ELINT intelligence aircraft was involved.

It is further reiterated by the fact that, the Y-8G fleet of the 20th Special Missions Division, have been operating from the Zunyi Xinzhou civil/military Airport, which is located close to the crash site.

The Chinese manufactured Shaanxi Y-8 is derived from Soviet era Antonov AN-12 transport and is powered by four turboprop engines.

But the aircraft seen flying in the purported crash video is not probably the accident aircraft, as it shows an twin jet engine powered aircraft, either a Boeing 737 or a Airbus A320, not a four engine turboprop.

Interestingly PLAAF operates Boeing 737s, which are modified to serve as airborne command posts.

As PLAAF had confirmed the crash, either a PLAAF Y-8 or a PLAAF Boeing 737 are the most probable aircraft involved in the crash.