Sukhoi Su-57 flies with new engine

Russian Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter has completed first flight with the improved Izdeliye 30 turbofan engine, featuring increased thrust and reliability.

The flight which took off on Tuesday, lasted 17 minutes and was flown by Sukhoi chief test pilot Sergei Bogdan from the M.M. Gromov flight test center.

The engine replaces the interim 117S or AL-41F1S engine, which was developed to power the Sukhoi Su-35 multi-role fighter.

The second prototype, with hull No. 52 is powered by the new engine, which is said to be a clean sheet design and drop-in replacement to the 117S with minimal changes to the airframe. The Su-57 flight testing is expected to continue through 2018, with first delivery to Russian Air Force expected in 2019.

The fifth generation engine have thrust increased to 11,000 kgf (~108 kN) without afterburner and 19,000 kgf (186 kN) with afterburner.

The Izdeliye 30 also features fewer parts, lower maintenance costs and increased fuel efficiency.

Like the AL-41FS, the Izdeliye 30 is also equipped with the 3D thrust vectoring nozzles and is capable of attaining supersonic speed without using the afterburner (Supercruise).