Airlink RJ85 loses two engines mid-flight

An Avro/BAE RJ85 airliner operated by South African Airlink Airlines was involved in an uncontained engine failure incident during a flight on November 8.

The airliner was operating flight SA8103 from Harare to Johannesburg on Wednesday evening, while one of the four engines experienced an uncontained engine failure.

The debris from the Honeywell LF507 turbofan also damaged the adjacent engine, forcing the pilots to shut down both port engines.

Following the incident, the aircraft made an emergency landing at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, shortly after 20.40 local time.

All 34 passengers and the four crew members are safe and unharmed.

Airlink has notified the South African Civil Aviation Authority, which will launch an investigation into the event in order to determine its likely cause.

The Honeywell LF507 engine has been dogged with uncontained failure issues in the past. A similar accident has occurred to a Swiss Air RJ100 aircraft in August 2014, in which the outboard engine was damaged due to debris from the uncontained failure of the inboard port engine.

The Johanasberg based airline act as a feeder airliner connecting smaller towns with larger hub airports.