Monday, October 2, 2017

US Navy T-45 trainer crashes in Tennessee

Days after resuming flight with the type, a US Navy Boeing T-45 Goshawk trainer jet crashed on Sunday evening during a routine training flight.

The T-45 from Training Air Wing ONE based out of Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi, has reportedly crashed near the Tellico plains in Tennessee, in the Cherokee National Forest.

Two pilots were aboard the aircraft, an instructor and a student, both of them has not survived the crash.

US Navy resumed flying the T-45 after a five month grounding since April, following contamination of the oxygen system of the aircraft which caused psychological episodes to pilots.

The flights were resumed after fitting the T-45 fleet with the new oxygen monitor (CRU-123), which provides information on temperature and oxygen pressure.

The 197 aircraft fleet is also being fitted with a water separator to its On board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS) which also prevent contamination of oxygen supply.