Monday, August 28, 2017

Military variant of Mi-38 enters assembly

Russian helicopters has commenced assembly of the first militarized version of the Mi-38 medium lift helicopter.

Designated Mi-38T, the Kazan helicopters plant (KVZ) is assembling the developmental prototype under a contract from Russian Ministry of Defense.

The prototype is scheduled to commence flight testing in 2018 to prove its adaptability for military roles like medevac, search-and-rescue and as a assault troop transport helicopter.

First flown in 2003, the medium weight Mi-38 is a more capable follow on to the famous Mi-17/Mi-8 helicopter. It has a sleek and aerodynamic design due to its primary civilian transport role.

Weight saving composite materials has been used in construction of the helicopter, including in airframe, main and tail rotors.

It is powered by two new TV7-117V turboshaft engines rated at 2500 shp each, and is integrated with a advanced glass cockpit featuring five LCD screens.

The Mi-38 is one of the most automated helicopters in the world: its navigation system allows to engage an automatic mode for flying, landing, hovering, and leveling in various flight modes.

The military variant will be equipped with self sealing fuel tanks and additional fuel tanks to extend reach.

With a payload of 5000 kg, the Mi-38 can fly to a distance of 420 km, while flight range with a normal 2,700 kg cargo is 1,200 km.

Max payload in the cabin is 6,000 kg while external under sling payload can reach up to 7,000 kg.

With a max take off weight of 15,600 kg, the Mi-38 commercial transport version can seat 30 passengers and have an operational ceiling of 5,900 m.