Friday, May 19, 2017

Turkey joins An-132MP maritime patrol aircraft development

Turkey has joined the Ukraine-Saudi joint program to develop an maritime patrol aircraft based on the new An-132 turboprop military transport aircraft.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in this regard between Antonov and Turkish Haveslan on May 10, during the concluded IDEX defense exhibition held at Istanbul, Turkey.

Haveslan is a Turkey Govt. owned company that specialise in command and control systems software, armament control system for all types of military equipment (ground, air, sea), intelligence systems, systems for surveillance and identification purposes.

Haveslan was also part of the Turkish Meltem maritime patrol aircraft program based on ATR-72 and Airbus C-295 platforms, and was also a subcontractor in the Turkish Boeing Peace Eagle AWACS program.

Haveslan's surveillance and reconnaissance system integration capability and mission system software development capabilities will be employed for the program.

The Antonov An-132 is a upgraded and improved version of the Soviet era An-32 transport plane featuring western avionics and engine.

The prototype aircraft which first flew in March, was developed in Ukraine with major funding coming from Saudi Arabia. Series production will be carried out by Taqnia Aeronautics in Saudi Arabia, who owns 50 percent intellectual property rights of the aircraft.

The An-132 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW150A turboprop engines and is equipped with  aHoneywell glass cockpit, Dowty propellers, Liebherr air management system and Hamilton Sundstrand Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

The aircraft with a top cruise speed of 500 km / h can cruise at maximum altitude of up to 9000 m with a maximum payload up to 9.2 tons.