Friday, March 10, 2017

Bell unveils FCX-001 futuristic helicopter concept

Bell helicopters unveiled its future helicopter concept dubbed FCX-001 at the Heli Expo 2017 show.

Bell envisions the futuristic FCX design equipped with hybrid propulsion system, rotor less anti-torque system, morphing main rotor blades, advanced air frame design, virtual cockpit and modular cabin.

The hybrid engine configuration will feature a turbo-shaft main engine, along with electric anti-torque system.

The anti-torque tail rotor system will be replaced by a thrust vectoring system embedded in the tail boom, which will considerably enhance safety.

The airframe will be designed by advanced materials that provide structural performance along with improved visibility and space.

The morphing rotor blades will allow aircraft to optimize performance in different flight regimes. Individual morphing geometries such as blades, inlets, aerodynamic surfaces, will be employed whether through advanced actuation or materials, or both.

The single pilot cockpit will discard the traditional Multi Function Display (MFD) flight deck for enhanced visibility from the pilot seat. The craft will be controlled with the aid of augmented reality and an artificial intelligence computer assistance system.

This optionally piloted vehicles where the pilot assumes the role of safety and mission officer aboard the aircraft while the computer flies with him, will be a stepping stone to the fully autonomous unpiloted VTOL air vehicles.

A concept modular flooring systems allows for rapid seating configuration changes so that the cabin can be customized for many types of passenger, cargo or mission based requirements.

LED lighting in the overhead canopy can be fully customized in color and brightness depending on passenger preference. A 360-degree pop-down air ventilation systems will allow for increased comfort on demand.

It will also feature new landing gear geometries and advanced independent flight control computers.