Thursday, February 18, 2016

Saab offers Bombardier platforms for Swordfish maritime surveillance system

Saab has introduced two new Bombardier aircraft platforms for its Swordfish airborne maritime surveillance mission system for maritime patrol aircraft (MPA).

Earlier available only on the legacy Saab 2000 turboprop platform, Saab has rolled in the Bombardier’s Q400 turboprop and Global 6000 jet for the mission system at the Singapore Air Show.

Capable of long-duration patrol or search-and-rescue missions, Swordfish can also handle the most complex anti-submarine and anti-surface unit warfare tasks, all on the same mission. Swordfish also provides an effective overland ISR capability and can be easily introduced into a customer’s existing operations and support infrastructure.

Saab’s Swordfish mission system combines proven, operational COTS sensors from several suppliers, with Saab’s own specialist electronic warfare and C4I mission management systems. The advanced and tightly integrated sensor package is displayed on interchangeable work stations with an intelligent degree of automation and system support, meaning more can be achieved with fewer operators.

Both platforms will commonly have Observer positions, Four operator work stations, sonobuoy stowage, Crew rest/mission planning area, Rotary and fixed sonobuoy launch capability, Electronic Warfare and Self Protection System, State-of-the-art AESA 360° multi-mode radar, Unrivalled Multi-Statics Acoustic system, HD quality EO/IR sensor with integrated laser payload, Tight data fusion with highly integrated C4 Mission System, Secure communications suite and Tactical & Common Data Link options.

The Bombardier Q400 will feature a glass cockpit with integrated mission display, Auxiliary fuel tanks and In-flight operable airdrop door.

The Q400 will have a range greater than 3000 NM, with a Long-range cruise speed of 274 knots and Service ceiling of 25,000 ft.

The Global 6000 business jet based Swordfish MPA will feature Bombardier Vision Flightdeck cockpit and will have four under wing weapon hardpoints.

It will have a maximum flight range of 4400 NM, with a Long-range cruise speed of 360 knots and Service ceiling of 37,000 ft.