Monday, February 29, 2016

British Airways 777 involved in Las Vegas engine fire incident repaired

The damaged British Airways Boeing 777 aircraft involved in the engine fire incident at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas on September 8, 2015 has been repaired.

The aircraft has arrived in Victorville for painting after completing structural repairs and re-engining in Las Vegas.

The BA 777-200 (G-VIIO) aborted takeoff after a left engine fire shortly before the V1 takeoff roll.

Initial examination of the uncontained engine failure incident revealed multiple breaches of the engine case in the area around the high pressure compressor, resulting in substantial damage to the left wing root section of the aircraft.

The left engine and pylon, left fuselage structure and inboard left wing airplane were substantially damaged by the fire.

Engine examination revealed that a portion of the stage 8-10 spool in the high-pressure compressor (HPC) section had failed, liberating fragments that breached the engine case and cowling.

All the 157 passengers, including 1 lap child, and 13 crew members on board were evacuated to safety with several minor injuries reported as a result of the evacuation.

The 16 year old aircraft was delivered to British Airways on January 26th, 1999.