Sagem sweetens Patroller UAV offer to Egypt

French Sagem is offering its Patroller™ unmanned aerial aircraft to meet Egyptian armed force aerial surveillance needs.

Sagem have signed an exclusive commercial and industrial collaboration agreement with Egyptian manufacturer AOI-Aircraft Factory, even though no orders has been placed.

According to the agreement, AOI-Aircraft Factory would carry out final assembly of Patroller drones in Egypt, and will also provide system support and commissioning.

AOI-Aircraft Factory will develop a dedicated training center in Egypt to train staff for the operation and maintenance of Sagem's drone systems.

The Patroller is a versatile long-endurance tactical drone system. It features an open, modular design to handle a broad spectrum of military and security missions, while carrying a multi-sensor payload of up to 250 kg, fuselage or pod-mounted.

The Patroller offers endurance of more than 20 hours, and an operating ceiling of 20,000 feet. Sagem has already conducted a flight demonstration on Patroller showing the simultaneous operation of different sensors: optronic (electro-optical) pod, radar, electronic warfare (EW) system, distress beacon detector and automatic identification system (AIS) receiver.

The Patroller's design draws on ten years of experience with Sagem's Sperwer drone system to support operations in Afghanistan.