Sunday, August 30, 2015

Klimov TV7-117 turboshaft certified

The TV7-117V turboshaft engine developed by Klimov, part of Russian United Engine Corporation has achieved Russian type certification. The announcement was made at the MAKS airshow in Moscow.

IAC AR Type Certificate will enable the new engine, derived from the TV-117SM turboprop engine developed for the Ilyushin IL-144 regional turboprop airliner to power the Russian Helicopters Mi-38 transport helicopter.

The engine has a take of power of 2850 hp and can provide 3750 hp during emergency. Weighting 360 kg, the engine consumes 220 g/hp/hr of fuel.

The engine features a new FADEC system based on the BARK-12 electronic engine control unit.

Two of theses TV7-117 engines enable the Mi-38 to achieve a cruise speed of 285 kmph, 660 km range with a 3000 kg payload and an operational ceiling of 5900 m.

The engine will replace the Canadian Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127/TS, earlier selected for the Mi-38.