Russian Airforce Signs for Another 30 Su-30SM Fighters


Russian Defense Ministry and aircraft maker Irkut have signed a contract for of an additional 30 Su-30SM multirole fighter jets to the Russian Air Force by 2016.
The first contract between the Defense Ministry and Irkut for the delivery of 30 Su-30SMs was signed in March.
The Russian Air Force received the first two Su-30SM aircraft on November 22.
“In line with the new contract, Irkut will build 30 additional aircraft of this type for the Defense Ministry by 2016,” the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.
The Su-30SM is inspired and derived from the Indian Su-30 variant Su-30 MKI fighter.
The Su-30MKI sports a Russian radar and optic locator, French navigation and heads-up display systems, Israeli EW and weapon-guidance systems, and Indian computers.
Su-30SM has an improved radar, communications and identification-friend-or-foe system, new ejection seat and new weapons. It also has thrust-vectoring engine nozzles and canard foreplanes, providing supermaneuverability at low airspeeds.